NEW Single “Laura” by Bat For Lashes

bat for lashes


Laura” is the first single to be heard from Bat for Lashes new upcoming album, “The Haunted Man”. It will be released October 15th.

The track is so relaxing and hauntingly beautiful as we would’ve expected it to be something from Natasha Khan. She manages to create such a sublime music that somehow goes straight to the heart. I honestly haven’t figured out yet what it is that I like most about this song, I don’t know if it is the emotion in her tone, the melancholic piano melody or the perfect structure of it. Either way, this little taste of the album has left me wanting for a whole lot more.

A video was released along with the song and it is pretty cool as well, but what has everyone on edge is The Haunted Man’s cover, because she is plain nude carrying this guy like he is a sack of potatoes. Still there are many theories of what could it mean, it is said to represent the purity of human kind before the original sin but well, I could be most certainly be that or, I’m taking a guess here, because she wanted to have a butt naked man on top of her shoulders and feel powerful?

Well let’s enjoy this great song and wait until the record is out!




Tracklist for The Haunted Man:

1. Lilies
2. All Your Gold
3. Horses of the Sun
4. Oh Yeah
5. Laura
6. Winter Fields
7. The Haunted Man
8. Marilyn
9. A Wall
10. Rest Your Head
11. Deep Sea Diver











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