BRILLIANT: Dave Matthews Band “Gaucho”



I’m sorry I didn’t find until now that one of the greatest bands ever has released a couple of weeks ago a new incredibly brilliant song called “Gaucho”.

I can’t even star to describe how much I love this guy, he is genius and all of his songs are just so prefect at all levels. And so again, he didn’t let us down, not even close. Gaucho is beautifully structured and melodically ideal. And let’s not forget about the lyrics, I just don’t have any word to describe them, utterly perfect? Yes, those are the words. He has the ability to create self awareness with songs like this.

He just does his thing and comes up with something awesome, I don’t know how he does it, but it certainly is working wonders. Adding kids at the end of the song is risky but he pulled it off like a boss. This song makes me want to stand up and start changing things so that we can live in a better place, where everyone is at peace, full of joy and without any fears.

I just can’t wait any longer until his LP is out so I can listen to all of the songs all day long. I just love his music so much. I truly believe that it’s almost impossible to be disappointed with anything he has to offer.

Enjoy the beautiful song.








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