Andrew Bird’s New Album “Break It Yourself”



Finally what I’ve been impatiently awaiting, for quite a long time now,  has come to life. Yes, I’m talking about Andrew Bird’s new album “Break It Yourself”, which was released a couple of days ago.

It’s funny how Mr. Bird seems to be unable to let us down, and now, this new album is as lovely as the rest. We might expect a more experimental album, because now a days, artist release new albums, which are somewhat, or entirely different from what they used to sound. Sometimes this is a big risk to take because fans don’t want to listen to someone they like, sound as a completely different person. Nevertheless, Andrew did not change; he somehow evolved into a more mature artist without leaving his uniqueness aside.

The attractiveness of all these new songs is undeniable. They all are like a soft and fresh summer breeze, in which he manages to  drive you along several moods; which go from a complete and utter calmness, as it happens with “Lazy Projector”, to a dark, strange yet mellow dream in “Desperation Breeds” and then he gently sets you in a happy and upbeat state of mind with his catchiest song “Eyeoneye”.

Our favorite whistler achieves to create a more complex and rich album, and he truly seems to do it effortlessly due to his incredible ability to sing, create the most beautiful and strange lyrics and most importantly due to his innate ability to play a whole lot of instruments.

His first albums were all whistles and violin playing, but now, new instruments and influences have been added to the wonderful mixture. Acoustic guitars flood in with country-ish strokes, and if I may say, it also sounds like a shamisen, which is a three-stringed Japanese instrument, and well finally a subtle drum plays along.

Mr. Bird’s “experiment” did pay off big time, because I truly believe that this album is a total success.

Enjoy the songs!








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