AWESOME VIDEO: Gotye – “Somebody That I Used To Know”



I’m totally surprised that I haven’t seen this video, or even worst, heard this beautiful, unintended pop song.

My sister told me yesterday that she had to show me an amazing song, and I honestly didn’t have any sort of expectations, maybe bad ones, because we don’t share the same taste for music, but this time, this master piece blew my mind away, completely.

At first I expected Pitbull to jump in and start “grooving” the song, but then, after watching the incredible video I felt like watching Peter Gabriel for the first time. It really made my day, scratch that, my month.

It’s not often that you find that one song that, not because it is commercial, everyone likes. It’s awesome how percussions, guitar notes, bass, stings, synth samples and vocals put together in a simplistic way have the power to appeal to almost everyone who has a scene of music.

I think this time I’ve come across a track that represents the purity of music, and not only for the melody and rhythm, but for the incredibly relatable and most wonderful lyrics that get to the deepest part of your heart.

I’m really thankful for this kind of songs that feed my passion to the fullest.

Enjoy the amazing song, body art and cinematographic awesomeness!








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