Sadness Flies Away On The Wings Of Time



We all sometimes go through rough times; it may be having a family problem, a sickness, going through a break up, loving someone you can’t have or maybe we just have problems with no solutions or easy answers and we are just running away from the truth because let’s face it, even though the truth means everything, it freakin hurts.

Most of the things don’t turn out as we expect them to do so and it’s never easy to escape from what’s hunting us, it may be those painful memories and feelings that never seem to go away and stay always on the back of our head.

So instead of trying to find faults or wonder what went wrong, we should only focus on finding a solution to our problems. Because whether we like it or not, we can’t always escape from them, and life, will most certainly just continue to shove more problems down our paths.

Sometimes people don’t really understand what you are going through, so my advice to you is to take some time for yourself, figure it out on your own, look on the bright side, know that everything happens for a reason and most of all, TAKE COMFORT IN MUSIC!

There are songs that seem to be made especially for you, the lyrics are practically telling your story, and you feel like you are not alone, because someone else already went through what you are going right now and they seem to be fine and dandy.

Enjoy the playlist!




Warning Sign- Coldplay


Boat Behind- Kings of Convenience


The Engine Driver- The Decemberists


To Build A Home- The Cinematic Orchestra


Playground Love- Air


Superstar- Sonic Youth


Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd


No Distance Left To Run- Blur


Sleeping Sickness- City and Colour


Skinny Love- Bon Iver


The Blower´s Daughter- Damien Rice




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